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GAO, Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Business Continuity and Contingency Planning (GAO/AIMD-10.1.19) (Aug. 1998) (full-text).


This guide provided a conceptual framework for helping large federal agencies to manage the risk of potential Year 2000-induced disruptions to their operations. It provided information on the scope and challenge and offers a structured approach for reviewing the adequacy of agency Year 2000 business continuity and contingency planning efforts.

The guide built upon a previously issued GAO Year 2000 assessment guide,[1]

The guide addressed four phases supported by program and project management activities:

In addition to program and project management, the four phases are united by a common theme of accountability at all levels.


  1. GAO, Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (GAO/AIMD10.1.14) (Sept. 1997).