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Federal Communications Commission, Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC III), Working Group 7, Botnet Remediation, U.S. Anti-Bot Code of Conduct (ABCs) for Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Final Report (Mar. 2012) (full-text).


This document proposes a set of agreed-upon voluntary practices that would constitute the framework for an opt-in implementation model for ISPs to follow to mitigate the botnet threat. The Code of Conduct was developed to address the threat of bots and botnets in residential broadband networks through voluntary participation. It was determined in developing the Code that constituents of the entire Internet ecosystem have important roles to play in addressing the botnet threat and that ISPs depend on support from the other parts in the ecosystem.

The Code encourages ISPs to participate in activities in support of end-user education to prevent bot infections, detection of bots, notification of potential bot infections, remediation of bots, and collaboration and sharing of information from participating in the Code.