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The acronym '''TCP''' may refer to:
== Definition ==
* [[Technology Control Plan]]
'''TCP''' (an acronym for '''T'''ransmission '''C'''ontrol '''P'''rotocol) is a set of rules used by [[host computer]]s on the [[Internet]] for the [[transmission]] of [[information]] from one [[computer]] to another.
* [[Transmission Control Protocol]]
== Discussion ==
The TCP protocol permits every [[application]] to manage the collective congestion on the [[Internet]]. TCP uses [[packet loss]] as a congestion detection method. When [[packet]]s are lost due to congestion, TCP reduces the [[data rate]] of the [[application]] to prevent further congestion. TCP attempts to achieve fairness among competing [[data flow]]s, so that all suffer equally when facing the weak part of the [[network]]. With a few notable exceptions, nearly every [[P2P]] [[protocol]] uses TCP to regulate congestion.

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