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General Accounting Office, Study of the Acquisition of Peripheral Equipment for Use with Automatic Data Processing Systems (B-115369) (June 24, 1969) (full-text).


The GAO performed this study because: preliminary indications showed that significant savings could be achieved in the procurement of selected computer components; the Federal Government is investing increasing amounts of money in automatic data processing (ADP) equipment; and there is a widespread congressional interest in the procurement, management, and use of such equipment.

The study shows that it is common practice for Government ADP managers to obtain all required ADP equipment from computer systems manufacturers even though certain items of equipment can be procured more economically from the original manufacturers or from alternate sources of supply. The findings of the study are summarized in this report, which is issued to inform Congress and the head of each Federal agency of the opportunities for obtaining savings when acquiring computer components from sources other than the ADP systems manufacturers.