The IT Law Wiki


One of the most valuable sections of the ITLaw Wiki will be its Sample Contracts materials. Please make sure you have the right to post the sample contract and that the contract has been sufficiently sanitized so that you are not disclosing any trade secrets or proprietary information.

Naming Conventions[]

Each contract should be titled with a short, descriptive name. So, for example, a good title would be:

Software License (Single User) (No. 1)

If you find that a given description has already been used, please add a number at the end of the description (as shown above) to make the title unique.

Content of Each Entry[]

Each entry should begin with a brief description of the type of transaction in which the sample contract might be used. For example:

The following contract is for use by a large software vendor that is licensing a single, end user customer. The contract is for a fixed period of time and is to be construed under Argentine law.


Each contract should contain one or more category designators at the end to help other locate the contract. Each should be enclosed in double brackets [[ ]]. Each contract should have the general category:

Category:Sample contract

Additional sample categories should be added as appropriate, such as:

Category:Software license
Category:Domain name sale
Category:Hardware maintenance