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Protected information is

information about United States citizens and lawful permanent residents that is subject to information privacy or other legal protections under the Constitution and Federal laws of the United States. For the federal intelligence community, protected information includes information about 'United States persons' as defined in Executive Order 12333. Protected information may also include other information that the U.S. government expressly determines by Executive Order, international agreement, or other similar instrument should be covered.[1]

Protected information "[i]ncludes sensitive, critical, and/or classified information.[2]


The definition of protected information may also include legal protections that are not strictly related to privacy. For example, information relating to the exercise of rights under the First Amendment may be subject to constitutional protections. For the Intelligence Community, information about U.S. corporations or associations that does not reveal personally identifiable information may nonetheless be subject to protection under Executive Order 12333. However, it is anticipated that in most cases, protections will focus on personally identifiable information about U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.