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The White House, Information Infrastructure Task Force, Information Policy Committee, Working Group on Privacy, Privacy and the National Information Infrastructure: Principles for Providing and Using Personal Information (June 26, 1995) (full-text).


This White Paper identified three principles: information privacy, information integrity, and information quality, which were deemed to be fundamental requirements necessary for the proper use of personal information.

These Principles . . . recognize the changing roles of government and industry in information acquisition and use. Thus, they are intended to apply to both public and private entities. The Principles are designed to guide all NII participants as well as those who are drafting legislation and crafting policy regarding the use of personal information. They provide the basic framework from which specialized principles can be developed as needed.


  • Under the Information Privacy Principle: "Personal information should be acquired, disclosed, and used only in ways that respect an individual's privacy."
  • Under the Information Integrity Principle: "Personal information should not be improperly altered or destroyed."
  • Under the Information Quality Principle: "Personal information should be accurate, timely, complete, and relevant for the purpose for which it is provided and used."