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The Organized Crime Council (OCC) began meeting in 1970 and continued through 1993. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey reconvened the OCC in April 2008 to address the evolving threats from organized crime. Beyond the individual illegal activities committed by organized crime groups (e.g., gambling, prostitution, labor racketeering, smuggling/trafficking, extortion, theft, murder, and money laundering), the OCC has indicated that these organizations may

  • penetrate the energy and other strategic sectors of the economy;
  • provide logistical and other support to terrorists, foreign intelligence services, and governments;
  • smuggle/traffic people and contraband goods into the United States;
  • exploit the United States and international financial system to move illicit funds;
  • use cyberspace to target U.S. victims and infrastructure;
  • manipulate securities exchanges and perpetrate sophisticated frauds;
  • corrupt or seek to corrupt public officials in the United States and abroad; and
  • use violence or the threat of violence as a basis for power.