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Food and Drug Administration[]

Within the FDA, overall responsibility for managing IT resides in the Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT), which was established within the Office of Operations as part of an agency-wide reorganization in January 2014. OIMT is headed by the agency's Chief Operating Officer, and its mission is to ensure the timely and effective delivery of high quality, innovative and cost-effective, mission-related information technology support services across the FDA and its centers. The office's major functions include information security, business and customer assurance, technology, and informatics and technology innovation.[1]

Library of Congress[]

The Office of Information Management and Technology in the Library of Congress provides the information management capabilities and support required for Congressional Research Service (CRS) research and legislation-related activities, communications and service to Congress. This includes planning, procurement, development, operations, security and maintenance of the information technology infrastructure and systems required to support the CRS mission. The office is also responsible for the overall information architecture and maintains information resources by identifying, assessing, acquiring, organizing, preserving and tracking materials.