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Founded in 1981, the National Computer Security Center (NCSC), originally named the "DoD Computer Security Center," is a U.S. government organization that was once part of the National Security Agency (NSA). The NCSC evaluates computing equipment for high security applications to ensure that facilities processing classified or other sensitive material are using trusted computer systems and components.

The organization works with industry, education, and government agency partners to promote research and standardization efforts for secure information system development. The NCSC also functions in an educational capacity to disseminate information about issues surrounding secure computing, most significantly through its annual National Information Systems Security Conference.


Publications from the NCSC summarized on this wiki include:

  • NCSC-1: "National Policy for Safeguarding and Control of Communications Material" (Jan. 16, 1981).
  • NCSC-5: "National Policy on Use of Cryptomaterial by Activities Operating in High Risk Environments" with Appendices I and II (Jan. 16, 1981).
  • NCSC-9: "National Communications Security (COMSEC) Glossary" (Sept. 1, 1982).
  • NCSC-11: "National Policy for Protection of Telecommunications Systems Handling Unclassified National Security-Related Information" (May 3, 1982).