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National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, Identity Issues Task Force, NSTAC Report to the President on Identity Management Strategy (May 21, 2009) (full-text).



The recommendations from the Identity Issues Task Force (IdITF) contained in this Report address possible first steps for an approach to identify issues and solutions related to Identity management (IdM). This report builds upon IdM recommendations of previous task forces, working groups, researchers, and international bodies as referenced within the text. In addition, the IdITF considered the extensive IdM research and development (R&D), policy development, and technical research conducted by numerous national and international standards bodies and organizations.

This study is consistent with, and extends the work of, the President's NSTAC on the 60-day review U.S. cybersecurity efforts. Based on these efforts, the NSTAC believes a comprehensive national identity strategy would provide the crucial foundation for achieving success in many wide-ranging cybersecurity initiatives. The NSTAC also believes that the current political and policy landscape is ripe for promoting a comprehensive national strategy to improve trusted identification. Implementing such a strategy will impede malicious actors from posing as legitimate users and exploiting these networks, thereby placing NS/EP capabilities and everyday commerce at risk.