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On February 25, 2014, Nevada and Delaware signed the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, which authorizes the pooling of Internet poker players. While narrowly drawn for now, the pact could be expanded in the future to include other online gaming activities. Previously, poker players were required to be physically within the borders of the state to play. This agreement allows Delaware and Nevada poker players to meet and compete against players from one state while remaining in the other.

The agreement creates the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association (MSIGA) and Multi-State Internet Gaming Board. The MSIGA will be governed by the board, with each member state electing a representative to the board. The board will be in charge of approving new members, games and modifications to the original agreement.

The agreement creates a framework through which the two states will jointly adhere to minimum regulatory standards. It also allows Member States to retain the necessary control over who offers online gaming within their borders, and it allows Member States to pursue the particular applications of online gaming that make the most sense for them.

Other jurisdictions will have the option to join as well, provided they approve online gaming within their state.