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Modification is a

[c]hange to a project's scope or the terms of a contract; usually written. Examples are changes orders, notices of termination, supplemental agreements, and exercises of contract options.[1]

See also Contract modification.


See Data modification.

Domain name administration[]

Modification is the process of updating an existing domain name record, contact record, or host (name server) record to reflect changes in existing information. Modifications include: changing information on an existing contact record; replacing an existing contact on a domain name record with a new contact; changing information on an existing host record; changing the name servers listed on an existing domain name record; changing information about the organization who registered a domain name (there are some cases when changes in the organization's name may require a new, separate registration). There is no additional charge to modify an existing domain, contact, or host record. Keeping these records up to date is critical to the smooth operation of the Domain Name System (DNS), and it is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure that domain name record(s) are kept up to date.


See Software modification.


See Modding.