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The GAO's objective in doing this investigation was to identify the extent to which DHS and other stakeholders have taken steps to address cybersecurity in the maritime port environment.

June 2014 Report[]

In its June 2014 report, GAO determined that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other stakeholders had taken limited steps to address cybersecuritys in the maritime environment.

The GAO recommended that DHS direct the Coast Guard to (1) assess cyber-related risks, (2) use this assessment to inform maritime security guidance, and (3) determine whether the sector coordinating council should be reestablished. DHS should also direct FEMA to (1) develop procedures to consult DHS cybersecurity experts for assistance in reviewing grant proposals and (2) use the results of the cyber-risk assessment to inform its grant guidance.

October 2015 Statement[]

The October 2015 statement addresses (1) cyber-related threats facing the maritime port environment and (2) steps DHS has taken to address cybersecurity in that environment. In preparing this statement, GAO relied on work supporting its June 2014 report on cybersecurity at ports.