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== Citation ==
[[OECD]], '''Knowledge Networks and Markets,''' OECD Science, Technology and Industry Policy Papers No. 7 (June 19, 2013) ([ full-text]).
== Overview ==
This report aims to shed light on the role of markets and [[network]]s for [[knowledge-based asset]]s. Knowledge Networks and Markets (KNMs) comprise the wide array of mechanisms and institutions facilitating the creation, exchange, [[dissemination]] and utilisation of [[knowledge]] in its multiple forms. This document provides new evidence on the [[knowledge-sourcing]] strategies of firms and their role in shaping [[innovation]] activities, according to different characteristics, and their impact on performance. It proposes a conceptual framework for understanding how KNMs support [[knowledge flow]]s and the transfer of [[intellectual property]] ([[IP]]) rights, supported by a number of novel examples. It considers more specifically some developments in the market for [[IP right]]s, looking in the first instance at the evidence on the size of the market and the role of [[intermediaries]]. The role of [[public policies]] in the [[IP]] marketplace is also considered, with particular emphasis on some new forms of [[policy]] interventions such as government-sponsored patent funds.
This document briefly reviews some key features of the markets and [[network]]s for [[knowledge]]] originating in public research organisations, as well as the role of [[intermediaries]] such as [[technology transfer]] offices, whose role has been changing rapidly in recent years. Finally, the analysis of [[knowledge]] markets is extended to the market for [[knowledge]] embodied in highly skilled [[employee]]s. The mixed impact of [[mobility]] on [[innovation]] is noted, considering in particular the use of [[agreement]]s to restrict the movement of [[human capital]] and the potential implications of their enforcement. Some proposals for inclusion in a future measurement agenda are outlined.

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