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In this case issues were as follows: -

As a research and counseling firm, it requires huge capacity to protect the information and having the option to access them. One of the issues at Lumière depended essentially on the organization's intranet where they store all their data. Their self-made IT arrangements are not aware of their customer's interest and file sharing process were regularly inadequate as far as the usefulness bringing about neglecting to send messages, not seeing the documents, and not getting the documents. Security and to be flexible for the data and the information in the warehouse and cloud.

Lumière IT solutions used the traditional way, which accompanied different fixed expenses. This was one of the spaces not really settled they could redevelop to reduce their working expenses. One of the choices they chose to change their data frameworks and IT foundations was familiar with distributed computing with their business. there was problem for data mining of their store and the capacity to get to the data both inside and remotely. This created a great deal of setbacks for correspondence and ruined the cutoff time of their expectations.

Also, issue was overstaffing by 30% making the organization attempt and make edges in different regions. Since Lumière is a SME and the way their work environment is organized all through India, given the adaptable hours to its representatives, this is the thinking for its overstaffing projects.

Protagonists are Deepa Soman (CEO- chief executive officer), Miland Soman (CIO- chief information officer and director of the company).