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The following are the GAO reports published in 2017 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


  • Global Positioning System: Better Planning and Coordination Needed to Improve Prospects for Fielding Modernized Capability (GAO-18-74) (Dec. 12, 2017).
  • Telecommunications: FCC Should Improve Monitoring of Industry Efforts to Strengthen Wireless Network Resiliency (GAO-18-198) (Dec. 12, 2017).
  • Veterans Affairs Information Technology: Historical Perspective on Health System Modernization Contracts and Update on Efforts to Address Key FITARA-Related Areas (GAO-18-267T) (Dec. 7, 2017).
  • NASA: Preliminary Observations on the Management of Space Telescopes (GAO-18-277T) (Dec. 6, 2017).


  • Automated Vehicles: Comprehensive Plan Could Help DOT Address Challenges (GAO-18-132) (Nov. 30, 2017).
  • Defense Civil Support: DOD Needs to Address Cyber Incident Training Requirements (GAO-18-47) (Nov 30, 2017).
  • Southwest Border Security: Border Patrol Is Deploying Surveillance Technologies but Needs to Improve Data Quality and Assess Effectiveness (GAO-18-119) (Nov. 30, 2017).
  • Diversity in The Technology Sector: Federal Agencies Could Improve Oversight of Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements (GAO-18-69) (Nov. 16, 2017).
  • Identity Theft: Improved Collaboration Could Increase Success of IRS Initiatives to Prevent Refund Fraud (GAO-18-20) (Nov. 28, 2017).
  • Information Technology: OMB Needs to Report On and Improve Its Oversight of the Highest Priority Programs (GAO-18-51) (Nov. 21, 2017).
  • Internet of Things: FCC Should Track Growth to Ensure Sufficient Spectrum Remains Available (GAO-18-71) (Nov. 16, 2017).
  • Information Technology: Further Implementation of FITARA Related Recommendations Is Needed to Better Manage Acquisitions and Operations (GAO-18-234T) (Nov. 15, 2017).
  • Department of Defense: Telehealth Use in Fiscal Year 2016 (GAO-18-108R) (Nov. 14, 2017).
  • DATA ACT: OMB, Treasury, and Agencies Need to Improve Completeness and Accuracy of Spending Data and Disclose Limitations (GAO-18-138) (Nov. 8, 2017).
  • Information Technology Reform: Agencies Need to Improve Certification of Incremental Development (GAO-18-148) (Nov. 7, 2017).


  • Driver and Vehicle Data: Federal Efforts and Stakeholders' Perspectives on Facilitating Data Sharing (GAO-18-98R) (Oct. 26, 2017).
  • 2020 Census: Continued Management Attention Needed to Oversee Innovations, Develop and Secure IT Systems, and Improve Cost Estimation (GAO-18-141T) (Oct. 12, 2017).
  • FIRSTNET: Efforts to Establish the Public-Safety Broadband Network (GAO-18-187T) (Oct. 12, 2017).
  • Information Technology: Management Attention Is Needed to Successfully Modernize Tax Processing Systems (GAO-18-153T) (Oct. 4, 2017).


  • Video Proggramming: FCC Should Conduct Additional Analysis to Evaluate Need for Set-Top Box Regulation (GAO-17-785) (Sept. 29, 2017).
  • Federal Information Security: Weaknesses Continue to Indicate Need for Effective Implementation of Policies and Practices (GAO-17-549) (Sept. 28, 2017).
  • Telecommunications: Agencies Need to Apply Transition Planning Practices to Reduce Potential Delays and Added Costs (GAO-17-464) (Sept. 21, 2017).
  • Broadband: Additional Stakeholder Input Could Inform FCC Actions to Promote Competition (GAO-17-742) (Sept. 19, 2017).
  • Telecommunications: Additional Action Needed to Mitigate Significant Risks in FCC's Lifeline Program (GAO-17-805T) (Sept. 14, 2017).
  • Telecommunications: FCC Updated Its Enforcement Program, but Improved Transparency Is Needed (GAO-17-727) (Sept. 14, 2017).
  • International Mail Security: CBP and USPS Should Assess Costs and Benefits of Using Electronic Advance Data (GAO-17-796T) (Sept. 7, 2017).


  • Information Technology Modernization: Corporation for National and Community Service Needs to Develop a System That Supports Grant Monitoring (GAO-17-267) (Aug. 17, 2017).
  • Nuclear, Command, Control, and Communications: Update on Air Force Oversight Effort and Selected Acquisition Programs (GAO-17-641R) (Aug. 15, 2017).
  • Information Security: OPM Has Improved Controls, but Further Efforts Are Needed (GAO-17-614) (Aug. 3, 2017).
  • Defense Cybersecurity: DOD's Monitoring of Progress in Implementing Cyber Strategies Can Be Strengthened (GAO-17-512) (Aug. 1, 2017).


  • Vehicle Data Privacy: Industry and Federal Efforts Under Way but NHTSA Needs to Define Its Role (GAO-17-656) (July 28, 2017).
  • Highlights of a Forum: Combating Synthetic Identity Fraud (GAO-17-708SP) (July 26, 2017).
  • Internet of Things: Communities Deploy Projects by Combining Federal Support with Other Funds and Expertise (GAO-17-570) (July 26, 2017).
  • Information Security: Control Deficiencies Continue to Limit IRS's Effectiveness in Protecting Sensitive Financial and Taxpayer Data (GAO-17-395) (July 26, 2017).
  • Telehealth: Use in Medicare and Medicaid (GAO-17-760T) (July 20, 2017).
  • Information Technology: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Needs to Strengthen Its Strategic Planning and Oversight to Modernize Legacy Systems (GAO-17-488) (July 13, 2017).


  • Defense Science and Technology: Adopting Best Practices Can Improve Innovation Investments and Management (GAO-17-499) (June 29, 2017).
  • VA Information Technology: Pharmacy System Needs Additional Capabilities for Viewing, Exchanging, and Using Data to Better Serve Veterans (GAO-17-179) (June 14, 2017).


  • Information Security: FDIC Needs to Improve Controls over Financial Systems and Information (GAO-17-436) (May 31, 2017).
  • Telecommunications: Additional Action Needed to Address Significant Risks in FCC's Lifeline Program (GAO-17-538) (May 30, 2017).
  • Social Security Numbers: OMB and Federal Efforts to Reduce Collection, Use, and Display (GAO-17-655T) (May 23, 2017).
  • Homeland Security: Progress Made to Implement IT Reform, but Additional Chief Information Officer Involvement Needed (GAO-17-284) (May 18, 2017).
  • Management Report: Areas for Improvement in the Federal Reserve Banks' Information Systems Controls (GAO-17-537R) (May 18, 2017).
  • Data Center Optimization: Agencies Need to Complete Plans to Address Inconsistencies in Reported Savings (GAO-17-388) (May 18, 2017).
  • Presidential Authority to Permit Access to National Security Information (CRS Legal Sidebar) (May 17, 2017).
  • Technology Assessment: Internet of Things: Status and Implications of an Increasingly Connected World (GAO-17-75) (May 15, 2017).
  • 2020 Census: Sustained Attention to Innovations, IT Systems, and Cost Estimation Is Needed (GAO-17-584T) (May 3, 2017).


  • DATA ACT: As Reporting Deadline Nears, Challenges Remain That Will Affect Data Quality (GAO-17-496) (Apr. 28, 2017).
  • DATA ACT: Office of Inspector General Reports Help Identify Agencies' Implementation Challenges (GAO-17-460) (Apr. 26, 2017).
  • Financial Technology: Information on Subsectors and Regulatory Oversight (GAO-17-361) (Apr. 19, 2017).
  • Health Care: Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Use in Medicare and Selected Federal Programs (GAO-17-365) (Apr. 14, 2017).
  • Rural Broadband Deployment: Improved Consistency with Leading Practices Could Enhance Management of Loan and Grant Programs (GAO-17-301) (Apr. 13, 2017).
  • Information Technology: Opportunities for Improving Acquisitions and Operations (GAO-17-251SP) (Apr. 11, 2017).
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Commerce Could Strengthen Collaboration with Other Agencies on Innovation Institutes (GAO-17-320) (Apr. 6, 2017).



  • Federal Telework: Additional Controls Could Strengthen Telework Program Compliance and Data Reporting (GAO-17-247) (Feb. 17, 2017).
  • Border Security: Additional Actions Needed to Strengthen Collection of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aerostats Data (GAO-17-152) (Feb. 16, 2017).
  • Cybersecurity: Actions Needed to Strengthen U.S. Capabilities (GAO-17-440T) (Feb. 14, 2017).
  • Information Technology: HUD Needs to Address Significant Weaknesses in Its Cost Estimating Practices (GAO-17-281) (Feb. 7, 2017).
  • Veterans Affairs Information Technology: Management Attention Needed to Improve Critical System Modernizations, Consolidate Data Centers, and Retire Legacy Systems (GAO-17-408T) (Feb. 7, 2017).
  • Cybersecurity: DHS's National Integration Center Generally Performs Required Functions but Needs to Evaluate Its Activities More Completely (GAO-17-163) (Feb. 1, 2017).


  • Unmanned Aerial Systems: Air Force and Army Should Improve Strategic Human Capital Planning for Pilot Workforces (GAO-17-53) (Jan. 31, 2017).
  • 2020 Census: Additional Actions Could Strengthen Field Data Collection Efforts (GAO-17-191A) (Jan. 26, 2017).
  • Electricity: Federal Efforts to Enhance Grid Resilience (GAO-17-153) (Jan 25, 2017).

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