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The following are the GAO reports published in 2008 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


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  • Defense Management: DOD Can Establish More Guidance for Biometrics Collection and Explore Broader Data Sharing (GAO-09-49) (Oct. 15, 2008).


  • Defense Management: DOD Needs to Establish Clear Goals and Objectives, Guidance, and a Designated Budget to Manage its Biometrics Activities (GAO-08-1065) (Sept. 26, 2008).
  • Information Technology: FBI Is Implementing Key Acquisition Methods on Its New Case Management System, but Related Agencywide Guidance Needs to Be Improved (GAO-08-1014) (Sept. 23, 2008).
  • Social Security Numbers Are Widely Available in Bulk and Online Records, but Changes to Enhance Security Are Occurring (GAO-08-1009R) (Sept. 19, 2008).
  • Health Information Technology: HHS Has Taken Important Steps to Address Privacy Principles and Challenges, Although More Work Remains (GAO-08-1138) (Sept. 17, 2008).
  • Information Technology: Federal Laws, Regulations, and Mandatory Standards for Securing Private Sector Information Technology Systems and Data in Critical Infrastructure Sectors (GAO-08-1075R) (Sept. 16, 2008).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Better Address Its Cyber Security Responsibilities (GAO-08-1157T) (Sept. 16, 2008).
  • Information Technology: SSA Has Taken Key Steps for Managing Its Investments, but Needs to Strengthen Oversight and Fully Define Policies (GAO-08-1020) (Sept. 12, 2008).
  • Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment (GAO-08-1148T) (Sept. 10, 2008).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Fully Address Lessons Learned from Its First Cyber Storm Exercise (GAO-08-825) (Sept. 9, 2008).
  • Information Security: Actions Needed to Better Protect Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Unclassified Computer Network (GAO-08-1001) (Sept. 9, 2008).
  • DOD Systems Modernization: Maintaining Effective Communication Is Needed to Help Ensure the Army's Successful Deployment of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (GAO-08-927R) (Sept. 8, 2008).


  • DOD Business Systems Modernization: Key Navy Programs' Compliance with DOD's Federated Business Enterprise Architecture Needs to Be Adequately Demonstrated (GAO-08-972) (Aug. 7, 2008).


  • OMB and Agencies Need to Improve Planning, Management, and Oversight of Projects Totaling Billions of Dollars (GAO-08-1051T) (July 31, 2008).
  • Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a Comprehensive National Capability (GAO-08-588) (July 31, 2008).
  • DOD Business Systems Modernization: Key Marine Corps System Acquisition Needs to Be Better Justified, Defined, and Managed (GAO-08-822) (July 28, 2008).
  • Information Security: Federal Agency Efforts to Encrypt Sensitive Information Are Under Way, but Work Remains (GAO-08-525) (June 27, 2008).
  • Biosurveillance: Preliminary Observations on Department of Homeland Security's Biosurveillance Initiatives (GAO-08-960T) (July 16, 2008).


  • Information Security: Federal Agency Efforts to Encrypt Sensitive Information Are Under Way, but Work Remains (GAO-08-525) (June 27, 2008).
  • Information Sharing Environment: Definition of the Results to Be Achieved in Improving Terrorism-Related Information Sharing Is Needed to Guide Implementation and Assess Progress (GAO-08-492) (June 25, 2008).
  • Privacy: Congress Should Consider Alternatives for Strengthening Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (GAO-08-795T) (June 18, 2008).
  • Federal Records: National Archives and Selected Agencies Need to Strengthen E-Mail Management (GAO-08-742) (June 13, 2008).



  • Digital Television Transition: Majority of Broadcasters Are Prepared for the DTV Transition, but Some Technical and Coordination Issues Remain (GAO-08-510) (Apr. 30, 2008).


  • Freedom of Information Act: Agencies Are Making Progress in Reducing Backlog, but Additional Guidance Is Needed (GAO-08-344) (Mar. 14, 2008).
  • Information Security: Progress Reported, but Weaknesses at Federal Agencies Persist (GAO-08-571T) (Mar. 12, 2008).
  • Intellectual Property: Federal Enforcement Has Generally Increased, but Assessing Performance Could Strengthen Law Enforcement Efforts (GAO-08-157) (Mar. 11, 2008).
  • Privacy: Government Use of Data from Information Resellers Could Include Better Protections (GAO-08-543T) (Mar. 11, 2008).
  • Information Technology: Significant Problems of Critical Automation Program Contribute to Risks Facing 2010 Census (GAO-08-550T) (Mar. 5, 2008).


  • Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Continue to Improve Its Program (GAO-08-280) (Feb. 29, 2008).
  • Electronic Government: Additional OMB Leadership Needed to Optimize Use of New Federal Employee Identification Cards (GAO-08-292) (Feb. 29, 2008).
  • Information Security: Although Progress Reported, Federal Agencies Need to Resolve Significant Deficiencies (GAO-08-496T) (Feb. 14, 2008).
  • Information Technology: VA Has Taken Important Steps to Centralize Control of Its Resources, but Effectiveness Depends on Additional Planned Actions (GAO-08-449T) (Feb. 13, 2008).


  • Information Security: Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (GAO-08-343) (Jan. 25, 2008).
  • Information Security: IRS Needs to Address Pervasive Weaknesses (GAO-08-211) (Jan. 8, 2008).

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