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The following are the GAO reports published in 2006 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.



  • Analysis of Data for Exports Regulated by the Department of Commerce (GAO-07-197R) (Nov. 13, 2006).


  • “Managing Sensitive Information: DOJ Needs a More Complete Staffing Strategy for Managing Classified Information and a Set of Internal Controls for Other Sensitive Information (GAO-07-83) (Oct. 2006).
  • Information Security: Agencies Need to Develop and Implement Adequate Policies for Periodic Testing (GAO-07-65) (Oct. 20, 2006).



  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Information Security and Information Technology Management Reorganization (CRS Report RL33612) (Aug. 14, 2006).
  • Enterprise Architecture: Leadership Remains Key to Establishing and Leveraging Architectures for Organizational Transformation (GAO-06-831) (Aug. 14, 2006).


  • Internet Infrastructure: Challenges in Developing a Public/Private Recovery Plan (GAO-06-863T) (July 28, 2006).
  • Intellectual Property: Initial Observations on the STOP Initiative and U.S. Border Efforts to Reduce Piracy (GAO-06-1004T) (July 26, 2006).


  • Internet Protocol Version 6: Federal Government in Early Stages of Transition and Key Challenges Remain (GAO-06-675) (June 30, 2006).
  • Personal Information: Key Federal Privacy Laws Do Not Require Information Resellers to Safeguard All Sensitive Data (GAO-06-674) (June 26, 2006).
  • Export Controls: Improvements to Commerce's Dual-Use System Needed to Ensure Protection of U.S. Interests in the Post-9/11 Environment (GAO-06-638) (June 26, 2006).
  • Information Technology: VA and DOD Face Challenges in Completing Key Efforts (GAO-06-905T) (June 22, 2006).
  • Information Security: Leadership Needed to Address Weaknesses and Privacy Issues at Veterans Affairs (GAO-06-897T) (June 20, 2006).
  • Internet Infrastructure: DHS Faces Challenges in Developing a Joint Public/Private Recovery Plan (GAO-06-672) (June 16, 2006).
  • Information Technology: Agencies and OMB Should Strengthen Processes for Identifying and Overseeing High Risk Projects (GAO-06-647) (June 15, 2006).
  • Privacy: Preventing and Responding to Improper Disclosures of Personal Information (GAO-06-833T) (June 8, 2006).
  • Aviation Security: Management Challenges Remain for the Transportation Security Administration’s Secure Flight Program (GAO-06-864T) (June 2006).


  • Guidance and Standards Are Needed for Measuring the Effectiveness of Agencies‘ Facility Protection Efforts (GAO-06-612) (May 2006).
  • Space Acquisitions: DOD Needs Additional Knowledge as it Embarks on a New Approach for Transformational Satellite Communications System (GAO-06-537) (May 24, 2006).
  • Social Security Numbers: Internet Resellers Provide Few Full SSNs, but Congress Should Consider Enacting Standards for Truncating SSNs (GAO-06-495) (May 17, 2006).
  • Business Systems Modernization: DOD Continues to Improve Institutional Approach, but Further Steps Needed (GAO-06-658) (May 15, 2006).



  • Social Security Numbers: More Could be Done to Protect SSNs (GAO-06-586T) (Mar. 30, 2006).
  • Information Sharing: The Federal Government Needs to Establish Policies and Processes for Sharing Terrorism-Related and Sensitive but Unclassified Information (GAO-06-385) (Mar. 17, 2006).
  • Telecommunications: Options for and Barriers to Spectrum Reform (GAO-06-526T) (Mar. 14, 2006).


  • Aviation Security: Significant Management Challenges May Adversely Affect the Implementation of the Transportation Security Administration’s Secure Flight Program (GAO-06-374T) (Feb. 2006).


  • Internet Access Tax Moratorium: Revenue Impacts Will Vary by State (GAO-06-273) (Jan. 2006).
  • Social Security Numbers: Stronger Protections Needed When Contractors Have Access to SSNs (GAO-06-238) (Jan. 23, 2006).
  • Information Technology: Agencies Need to Improve the Accuracy and Reliability of Investment Information (GAO-06-250) (Jan. 12, 2006).

Other GAO Reports[]

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