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The following are the GAO reports published in 2004 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


  • Electronic Government: Federal Agencies Have Made Progress Implementing the E-Government Act of 2002 (GAO-05-12) (Dec. 10, 2004).



  • [NONE]


  • Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee: IRAC Representatives Effectively Coordinate Federal Spectrum but Lack Seniority to Advise on Contentious Policy Issues (GAO-04-1028) (Sept. 30, 2004).
  • Telecommunications: Intelsat Privatization and the Implementation of the ORBIT Act (GAO-04-891) (Sept. 13, 2004).
  • Health Information: First-Year Experiences under the Federal Privacy Rule (GAO-04-965) (Sept. 3, 2004).


  • [NONE]


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Improving Information Sharing with Infrastructure Sectors (GAO-4-780) (July 2004).
  • Federal Chief Information Officers: Responsibilities, Reporting Relationships, Tenure, and Challenges (GAO-04-823) (July 21, 2004).



  • File Sharing: Selected Universities Report Taking Action to Reduce Copyright Infringement (GAO-04-503) (May 28, 2004).
  • Information Security: Information System Controls at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (GAO-04-630) (May 28, 2004).
  • Technology Assessment: Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection (GAO-04-321) (May 28, 2004).
  • Spectrum Management: Better Knowledge Needed to Take Advantage of Technologies That May Improve Spectrum Efficiency (GAO-04-666) (May 28, 2004).
  • Computer-Based Patient Records: Subcommittee Questions Concerning VA and DOD Efforts to Achieve a Two-Way Exchange of Health Data (GAO-04-691R) (May 14, 2004).
  • Data Mining: Federal Efforts Cover a Wide Range of Uses (GAO-04-548) (May 4, 2004).


  • [NONE]


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges and Efforts to Secure Control Systems (GAO-04-628T) (Mar. 30, 2004).
  • Electronic Disability Claims Processing: SSA Needs to Address Risks Associated with Its Accelerated Systems Development Strategy (GAO-04-466) (Mar. 26, 2004).
  • Aviation Security: Challenges Delay Implementation of Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (GAO-04-504T) (Mar. 17, 2004).
  • Computer-Based Patient Records: Sound Planning and Project Management Are Needed to Achieve a Two-Way Exchange of VA and DOD Health Data (GAO-04-402T) (Mar. 17, 2004).
  • Information Security: Continued Efforts Needed to Sustain Progress in Implementing Statutory Requirements (GAO-04-483T) (Mar. 16, 2004).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges and Efforts to Secure Control Systems (Mar. 15, 2004).
  • Information Security: Technologies to Secure Federal Systems (GAO-04-467) (Mar. 9, 2004).
  • Industrial Security: DOD Cannot Provide Adequate Assurances That Its Oversight Ensures the Protection of Classified Information (GAO-04-332) (Mar. 3, 2004).


  • Aviation Security: Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System Faces Significant Implementation Challenges (GAO-04-385) (Feb. 12, 2004).


  • [NONE]

Other GAO Reports[]

The following entries list GAO Reports in chronological order by year: