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The following are the GAO reports published in 2001 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.





  • Electronic Government: Better Information Needed on Agencies' Implementation of the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GAO-01-1100) (Sept. 28, 2001).
  • HUD Information Systems: Immature Software Acquisition Capability Increases Project Risks (GAO-01-962) (Sept. 14, 2001).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Significant Challenges in Protecting Federal Systems and Developing Analysis and Warning Capabilities (GAO-01-1132T) (Sept. 12, 2001).


  • Information Security: Code Red, Code Red II, and SirCam Attacks Highlight Need for Proactive Measures (GAO-01-1073T) (Aug. 29, 2001).
  • Nuclear Security: DOE Needs to Improve Control Over Classified Information (GAO-01-806) (Aug. 24, 2001).
  • Information Technology Management: Social Security Administration Practices Can Be Improved (GAO-01-961) (Aug. 21, 2001).
  • Information Security: Weaknesses Place Commerce Data and Operations at Serious Risk (GAO-01-751) (Aug. 13, 2001).


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Significant Challenges in Developing Analysis, Warning, and Response Capabilities (GAO-01-1005T) (July 25, 2001).
  • Electronic Government: Challenges Must Be Addressed With Effective Leadership and Management (GAO-01-959T) (July 11, 2001).


  • Electronic Government: Selected Agency Plans for Implementing the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GAO-01-861T) (June 21, 2001).
  • Information Technology: DLA Should Strengthen Business Systems Modernization Architecture and Investment Activities (GAO-01-631) (June 4, 2001).
  • Combat Identification Systems: Strengthened Management Efforts Needed to Ensure Required Capabilities (GAO-01-632) (June 1, 2001).


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Significant Challenges in Developing Analysis, Warning, and Response Capabilities (GAO-01-769T) (May 22, 2001).
  • Information Technology: Architecture Needed to Guide Modernization of DOD's Financial Operations (GAO-01-525) (May 17, 2001).
  • Telecommunications: Research and Regulatory Efforts on Mobile Phone Health Issues (GAO-01-545) (May 7, 2001).
  • Financial Privacy: Too Soon to Assess the Privacy Provisions in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GAO-01-617) (May 3, 2001).


  • Internet Privacy: Implementation of Federal Guidance for Agency Use of Cookies (GAO-01-424) (Apr. 27, 2001).
  • FTS2001: Contract Transition Delays and Their Impact on Program Goals (GAO-01-544T) (Apr. 26, 2001).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Significant Challenges in Developing National Capabilities (GAO-01-323) (Apr. 25, 2001).
  • Computer Security: Weaknesses Continue to Place Critical Federal Operations and Assets at Risk (GAO-01-600T) (Apr. 5, 2001).
  • VA Information Technology: Important Initiatives Begun, Yet Serious Vulnerabilities Persist (GAO-01-550T) (Apr. 4, 2001).
  • Information and Technology Management: Achieving Sustained and Focused Governmentwide Leadership (GAO-01-583T) (Apr. 3, 2001).
  • Internal Revenue Service: 2001 Tax Filing Season, Systems Modernization, and Security of Electronic Filing (GAO-01-595T) (Apr. 3, 2001).
  • Record Linkage and Privacy: Issues in Creating New Federal Research and Statistical Information (GAO-01-126SP) (Apr. 1, 2001).


  • Information Security: Progress and Challenges to an Effective Defense-wide Information Assurance Program (GAO-01-307) (Mar. 30, 2001).
  • Information Management: Electronic Dissemination of Government Publications (GAO-01-428) (Mar. 30, 2001).
  • Information Security: Safeguarding of Data in Excessed Department of Energy Computers (GAO-01-469) (Mar. 29, 2001).
  • Business Systems Modernization: IRS Has Satisfied Congressional Direction on the Custodial Accounting Project (GAO-01-444R) (Mar. 16, 2001).
  • FTS2001: Transition Challenges Jeopardize Program Goals (GAO-01-289) (Mar. 2001).


  • USDA Electronic Filing: Progress Made, but Central Leadership and Comprehensive Implementation Plan Needed (GAO-01-324) (Feb. 28, 2001).
  • Land Management Systems: BLM's Actions to Improve Information Technology Management (GAO-01-282) (Feb. 27, 2001).
  • Information Security: Advances and Remaining Challenges to Adoption of Public Key Infrastructure Technology (GAO-01-277) (Feb. 26, 2001).
  • Information Security: IRS Electronic Filing Systems (GAO-01-306) (Feb. 16, 2001).
  • Telecommunications: Characteristics and Choices of Internet Users (GAO-01-345) (Feb. 16, 2001).
  • Executive Guide: Maximizing the Success of Chief Information Officers: Learning From Leading Organizations (GAO-01-376G) (Feb. 1, 2001).


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