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he following are the GAO reports published in 2000 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.





  • Financial Management Service: Significant Weaknesses in Computer Controls (AIMD-00-305) (Sept. 26, 2000).
  • Electronic Government: Government Paperwork Elimination Act Presents Challenges for Agencies (AIMD-00-282) (Sept. 15, 2000).
  • Internet Privacy: Comparison of Federal Agency Practices with FTC's Fair Information Principles (AIMD-00-296R) (Sept. 11, 2000).
  • Computer Security: Critical Federal Operations and Assets Remain at Risk (T-AIMD-00-314) (Sept. 11, 2000).
  • U.S. Postal Service: Postal Activities and Laws Related to Electronic Commerce (GGD-00-188) (Sept. 7, 2000).
  • Information Security: Serious and Widespread Weaknesses Persist at Federal Agencies (AIMD-00-295) (Sept. 6, 2000).
  • Internet Privacy: Agencies' Efforts to Implement OMB's Privacy Policy (GGD-00-191) (Sept. 5, 2000).


  • Information Security: USDA Needs to Implement Its Department-wide Information Security Plan (AIMD-00-217) (Aug. 10, 2000).


  • Federal Communications Commission: Narrowband Personal Communications Services and Competitive Bidding (OGC-00-47) (July 28, 2000).
  • Defense Management: Electronic Commerce Implementation Strategy Can Be Improved (NSIAD-00-108) (July 18, 2000).
  • Electronic Signature: Sanction of the Department of State's System (AIMD-00-227R) (July 10, 2000).
  • State Electronic Signature System (GAO/AIMD-00-227R) (July 10, 2000).
  • Department of Commerce: Relationship with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (OGC-00-33R) (July 7, 2000).
  • Internet: Federal Web-based Complaint Handling (AIMD-00-238R) (July 7, 2000).


  • Information Security: Software Change Controls at the Department of Commerce (AIMD-00-187R) (June 30, 2000).
  • Sales Taxes: Electronic Commerce Growth Presents Challenges; Revenue Losses Are Uncertain (GGD/OCE-00-165) (June 30, 2000).
  • Federal Trade Commission: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information (OGC-00-40) (June 23, 2000).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comments on the Proposed Cyber Security Information Act of 2000 (T-AIMD-00-229) (June 22, 2000).
  • Federal Reserve System: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information (OGC-00-34) (June 13, 2000).
  • Information Security: Vulnerabilities in DOE's Systems for Unclassified Civilian Research (AIMD-00-140) (June 9, 2000).


  • Electronic Government: Federal Initiatives Are Evolving Rapidly, but They Face Significant Challenges (T-AIMD/GGD-00-179) (May 22, 2000).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: "ILOVEYOU" Computer Virus Highlights Need for Improved Alert and Coordination Capabilities (GAO/T-AIMD-00181) (May 18, 2000).
  • Information Security: 'ILOVEYOU' Computer Virus Emphasizes Critical Need for Agency and Government-wide Improvements (T-AIMD-00-171) (May 10, 2000).
  • Commodity Exchange Act: Issues Related to the Regulation of Electronic Trading Systems (GGD-00-99) (May 5, 2000).
  • Information Security: Controls Over Software Changes at Federal Agencies (AIMD-00-151R) (May 4, 2000).


  • None


  • Federal Information Security: Actions Needed to Address Widespread Weaknesses (T-AIMD-00-135) (Mar. 29, 2000).
  • Chief Information Officers: Implementing Effective CIO Organizations (T-AIMD-00-128) (Mar. 24, 2000).
  • Contract Management: Few Competing Proposals for Large DOD Information Technology Orders (NSIAD-00-56) (Mar. 20, 2000).
  • Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure: Status of Labor's Efforts to Develop Electronic Reporting and a Publicly Accessible Database (HEHS-99-63R) (Mar. 16, 1999).
  • Information Security: Comments on Proposed Government Information Act of 1999 (T-AIMD-00-107) (Mar. 2, 2000).


  • Information Security: Fundamental Weaknesses Place EPA Data and Operations at Risk (T-AIMD-00-97) (Feb. 17, 2000).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: National Plan for Information Systems Protection (AIMD-00-90R) (Feb. 11, 2000).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comments on the National Plan for Information Systems Protection (T-AIMD-00-72) (Feb. 1, 2000).


Other GAO Reports[]

The following entries list GAO Reports in chronological order by year: