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The following are the GAO reports published in 1997 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


  • FCC: Foreign Participation in the U.S. Telecommunications Market (OGC-98-19) (Dec. 18, 1997).
  • Outsourcing DOD Logistics: Savings Achievable But Defense Science Board's Projections Are Overstated (GAO/NSIAD-98-48) (Dec. 8, 1997).
  • Space Surveillance: DOD and NASA Need Consolidated Requirements and a Coordinated Plan (GAO/NSIAD-98-42) (Dec. 1, 1997).


  • Automated Export System: Prospects for Improving Data Collection and Enforcement Are Uncertain (GAO/NSIAD-98-5) (Nov. 14, 1997.
  • Veterans Health Administration Facility Systems: Some Progress Made In Ensuring Year 2000 Compliance, But Challenges Remain (GAO/AIMD-98-31R) (Nov. 7, 1997).


  • Chief Information Officers: Ensuring Strong Leadership and an Effective Council (GAO/T-AIMD-98-22) (Oct. 27, 1997).
  • Social Security Administration: Significant Progress Made in Year 2000 Effort, But Key Risks Remain (GAO/AIMD-98-6) (Oct. 22, 1997).
  • Year 2000 Computing Crisis: National Credit Union Administration's Efforts to Ensure Credit Union Systems Are Year 2000 Compliant (GAO/T-AIMD-98-20) (Oct. 22, 1997).
  • Defense Computers: Technical Support Is Key to Naval Supply Year 2000 Success (GAO/AIMD-98-7R) (Oct. 21, 1997).
  • Defense IRM: Poor Implementation of Management Controls Has Put Migration Strategy at Risk (GAO/AIMD-98-5) (Oct. 20, 1997).
  • Battlefield Automation: Software Problems Hinder Development of the Army's Maneuver Control System (GAO/NSIAD-98-15) (Oct. 16, 1997).


  • Defense Computers: LSSC Needs to Confront Significant Year 2000 Issues (GAO/AIMD-97-149) (Sept. 26, 1997).
  • Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Success Depends Upon Strong Management and Structured Approach (GAO/T-AIMD-97-173 (Sept. 25, 1997).
  • Veterans Affairs Computer Systems: Action Underway Yet Much Work Remains To Resolve Year 2000 Crisis (GAO/T-AIMD-97-174) (Sept. 25, 1997).
  • Organizational Structure and Information Systems Used To Manage the Army's Depot-Level Maintenance Programs (103401) (Sept. 19, 1977).
  • Child Support Enforcement: Leadership Essential to Implementing Effective Automated Systems (T-AIMD-97-162) (Sept. 10, 1997).
  • Executive Guide: Measuring Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments (Exposure Draft) (Superseded by AIMD-98-99) (AIMD-97-163) (Sept. 1, 1997).
  • Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (GAO/AIMD-10.1.14) (Sept. 1, 1997).


  • Defense Computers: SSG Needs to Sustain Year 2000 Progress (GAO/AIMD-97-120R) (Aug. 19, 1997).
  • Defense Computers: Improvements to DOD Systems Inventory Needed for Year 2000 Effort (GAO/AIMD-97-112) (Aug. 13, 1997).
  • Defense Computers: Issues Confronting DLA in Addressing Year 2000 Problems (GAO/AIMD-97-106) (Aug. 12, 1997).
  • Defense Computers: DFAS Faces Challenges in Solving the Year 2000 Problem (GAO/AIMD-97-117) (Aug. 11, 1997).
  • DFAS Telecommunications: DFAS Has the Opportunity To Reduce Its Telecommunication Line Capacity (GAO/AIMD-97-100) (Aug. 1, 1997).



  • Child Support Enforcement: Strong Leadership Required to Maximize Benefits of Automated Systems (AIMD-97-72) (June 30, 1997).
  • Small Business Administration: Better Planning and Controls Needed for Information Systems (AIMD-97-94) (June 27, 1997).
  • Veterans Benefits Computer Systems: Uninterrupted Delivery of Benefits Depends on Timely Correction of Year-2000 Problems (GAO/T-AIMD-97-114) (June 26, 1997).
  • IRS Systems Security and Funding: Additional Information on Employee Browsing and Tax Systems Modernization (AIMD/GGD-97-140R) (June 23, 1997).
  • Social Security Administration: Responses to Subcommittee Questions About the On-line PEBES Service (AIMD-97-121R) (June 20, 1997).
  • Defense Communications: Federal Frequency Spectrum Sale Could Impair Military Operations (GAO/NSIAD-97-131) (June 17, 1997).
  • Internet and Electronic Dial-Up Bulletin Boards: Information Reported by Federal Organizations (GGD-97-86) (June 16, 1997).
  • Agency for International Development's Loan Accounting System (June 10, 1977).
  • Immature Software Development Processes at Indianapolis Increase Risk (AIMD-97-41) (June 6, 1997).
  • Land Management Systems: Information on BLM's Automated Land and Mineral Record System Release 2 Project (AIMD-97-109R) (June 6, 1997).
  • World Wide Web Sites Reported by Federal Organizations (GAO/GGD-97-86S) (June 1, 1997).


  • Veterans Benefits Computer Systems: Risks of VBA's Year-2000 Efforts (GAO/AIMD-97-79) (May 30, 1997).
  • ACE Poses Risks and Challenges (T-AIMD-97-96) (May 15, 1997).
  • Medicare Transaction System: Serious Managerial and Technical Weaknesses Threaten Modernization (GAO/T-AIMD-97-91) (May 16, 1997).
  • Medicare Transaction System: Success Depends Upon Correcting Critical Managerial and Technical Weaknesses (GAO/AIMD-97-78) (May 16, 1997).
  • USDA Information Management: Extensive Improvements Needed in Managing Information Technology Investments (GAO/T-AIMD-97-90) (May 14, 1997).
  • Internet Census and Use Estimates (GGD-97-102R) (May 12, 1997).
  • Telecommunications Management: More Effort Needed by Interior and the Forest Service to Achieve Savings (GAO/AIMD-97-67) (May 8, 1997).
  • Social Security Administration: Internet Access to Personal Earnings and Benefits Information (GAO/T-AIMD/HEHS-97-123) (May 6, 1997).
  • Development, Implementation, and Operation of the Defense Integrated Data System (LCD-77-110; B-163074) (May 5, 1977).


  • Investigators' Guide to Sources of Information (GAO/OSI-97-2) (April 1997).
  • Export Controls: Sales of High Performance Computers to Russia's Nuclear Weapons Laboratories GAO/T-NSIAD-97-128) (Apr. 15, 1997).
  • IRS Systems Security and Funding: Employee Browsing Not Being Addressed Effectively and Budget Requests for New Systems Development Not Justified (GAO/T-AIMD-97-82) (Apr. 15, 1997).
  • IRS Systems Security: Tax Processing Operations and Data Still at Risk Due to Serious Weaknesses (T-AIMD-97-76) (Apr. 10, 1997).
  • Federal Communications Commission: Broadcast Services, Television Broadcast Stations, and TV Transmission Standards (OGC-97-18) (Apr. 9, 1997).
  • IRS Systems Security: Tax Processing Operations and Data Still at Risk Due to Serious Weaknesses (AIMD-97-49) (Apr. 8, 1997).
  • Defense IRM: Investments at Risk for DOD Computer Centers (GAO/AIMD-97-39) (Apr. 4, 1997).


  • Air Traffic Control: Immature Software Acquisition Processes Increase FAA System Acquisition Risks (GAO/AIMD-97-47) (Mar. 21, 1997).
  • BLM Faces Risks in Completing the Automated Land and Mineral Record System (AIMD-97-42) (Mar. 19, 1997).
  • Weather Satellites: Planning for the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite Program Needs More Attention (GAO/AIMD-97-37) (Mar. 13, 1997).
  • Defense Outsourcing: Challenges Facing DOD As It Attempts to Save Billions in Infrastructure Costs (GAO/T-NSIAD-97-110) (Mar. 12, 1997).
  • USDA Information Management: Action Needed To Address Long-standing Deficiencies (GAO/T-AIMD-97-56) (Mar. 5, 1997).
  • Management and Use of the Air Force's CREATE Time-sharing Computer (Mar. 3, 1977).



  • Managing Technology: Best Practices Can Improve Performance and Produce Results (GAO/T-AIMD-97-38) (Jan. 31, 1997).
  • Tax Systems Modernization: IRS Needs to Resolve Certain Issues With Its Integrated Case Processing System (GGD/AIMD-97-31) (Jan. 17, 1997).
  • Bureau of Export Administration: Encryption Items Transferred from the U.S. Munitions List to the Commerce Control List (OGC-97-12) (Jan. 13, 1997).
  • Acquisition Reform: Obstacles to Implementing the Federal Acquisition Computer Network (GAO/NSIAD-97-26) (Jan. 3, 1997).

Other GAO Reports[]

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