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The following are the GAO reports published in 1995 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


  • Financial Management: General Computer Controls at the Senate Computer Center (GAO/AIMD-96-15) (Dec. 22, 1995).
  • Managing Technology Change: Challenges and Opportunities for the United States Senate (T-AIMD-96-25) (Dec. 7, 1995).


  • Battlefield Automation: Army's Digital Battlefield Plan Lacks Specific Measurable Goals (GAO/NSIAD-96-25) (Nov. 29, 1995).


  • Earth Science Information Network: Relationship of Consortium to Federal Agencies (GAO/NSIAD-96-13) (Oct. 27, 1995).
  • Personnel Security: Pass and Security Clearance Data for the Executive Office of the President (NSIAD-96-20) (Oct. 19, 1995).
  • Telecommunications: Competition in the Mobile Communications Industry (GAO/T-RCED-96-20) (Oct. 12, 1995).
  • Improving Federal Performance in the Information Age: Issues and Opportunities-Fiscal Years 1996-98 (GAO/IAP-95-29) (Oct. 1, 1995).


  • Electronic Benefits Transfer: Use of Biometrics to Deter Fraud in the Nationwide EBT Program (GAO/OSI-95-20) (Sept. 29, 1995).
  • FDA Import Automation: Serious Management and Systems Development Problems Persist (GAO/AIMD-95-188) (Sept. 28, 1995).
  • USDA Telecommunications: Better Management and Network Planning Could Save Millions (GAO/AIMD-95-203) (Sept. 22, 1995).
  • Corps of Engineers Electronic Signatures and Travel Receipts (GAO/AIMD-95-236R) (Sept. 20, 1995).
  • Federal Research: Lessons Learned from the Pilot Technology Access Program (GAO/RCED-95-212) (Sept. 18, 1995).


  • [NONE]


  • Information Technology Investment: A Governmentwide Overview (AIMD-95-208) (July 31, 1995).
  • Government Reform: Legislation Would Strengthen Federal Management of Information and Technology (GAO/T-AIMD-95-205) (July 25, 1995).
  • Defense Communications: Management Problems Jeopardize DISN Implementation (AIMD-95-136) (July 13, 1995).


  • Federal Family Education Loan Information System: Weak Computer Controls Increase Risk of Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data (AIMD-95-117) (June 12, 1995).
  • National Airspace System: Assessment of FAA's Efforts to Augment the Global Positioning System (GAO/T-RCED-95-219) (June 8, 1995).
  • Department of Energy: Procedures Lacking to Protect Computerized Data (AIMD-95-118) (June 5, 1995).


  • [NONE]


  • Weather Forecasting: Unmet Needs and Unknown Costs Warrant Reassessment of Observing System Plans (GAO/AIMD-95-81) (Apr. 21, 1995).


  • Governmentwide Initiatives: Critical Issues Facing the Post-FTS 2000 Program (GAO/T-AIMD-95-108) (Mar. 21, 1995).
  • Earth Observing System: Concentration on Near-Term EOSDIS Development May Jeopardize Long-Term Success (GAO/T-AIMD-95-103) (Mar. 16, 1995).
  • Information Integrity: Using Technology to Determine Eligibility to Work and Receive Benefits (GAO/T-AIMD-95-99) (Mar. 7, 1995).


  • Air Force Automated Travel System (GAO/AIMD-95-74R) (Feb. 14, 1995).
  • Government Reform: Using Reengineering and Technology to Improve Government Performance (GAO/T-OCG-95-2) (Feb. 2, 1995).


Other GAO Reports[]

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