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The following are the GAO reports published in 1994 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.


  • Department of State IRM: Strategic Approach Needed to Better Support Agency Mission and Business Needs (GAO/AIMD-95-20) (Dec. 22, 1994).
  • Technology Transfers: Benefits of Cooperative R&D Agreements (GAO/RCED-95-52) (Dec. 16, 1994).
  • Weather Forecasting: Improvements Needed in Laboratory Software Development Processes (AIMD-95-24) (Dec. 14, 1994).


  • Electronic Warfare: Most Air Force ALQ-135 Jammers Procured Without Operational Testing (GAO/NSIAD-95-47) (Nov. 22, 1994).
  • Electronic Imaging (GAO/AIMD-95-26R) (Nov. 10, 1994).
  • Telecommunications: Status of Research on the Safety of Cellular Telephones (RCED-95-32) (Nov. 4, 1994).
  • High Performance Computing and Communications: New Program Direction Would Benefit from a More Focused Effort (GAO/AIMD-95-6) (Nov. 4, 1994).


  • [NONE]


  • Information Superhighway: Issues Affecting Development (GAO/RCED-94-285) (Sept. 30, 1994).
  • Global Positioning Technology: Opportunities for Greater Federal Agency Joint Development and Use (GAO/RCED-94-280) (Sept. 28, 1994).
  • Battlefield Automation: Requirements Need to Be Updated Before the Air Defense System Is Produced (GAO/NSIAD-94-213) (Sept. 22, 1994).
  • Social Security Administration: Risks Associated With Information Technology Investment Continue (GAO/AIMD-94-143) (Sept. 19, 1994).
  • IRM Strategic Plan: September 1994 (GAO/OIMC-94-12) (Sept. 1, 1994).


  • Auditing and Financial Management: Use of Corps Electronic Signature System (AIMD-94-179R) (Aug. 24, 1994).
  • Auditing and Financial Management: Treasury Electronic Signature Concept (AIMD-94-167R) (Aug. 11, 1994).
  • Electronic Surveillance: Technologies Continue to Pose Challenges (T-AIMD-94-173) (Aug. 11, 1994).


  • Medicare: Technology Assessment and Medical Coverage Decisions (GAO/HEHS-94-195FS) (July 20, 1994).
  • IRS Automation: Controlling Electronic Filing Fraud and Improper Access to Taxpayer Data (GAO/T-AIMD/GGD-94-183) (July 19, 1994).
  • Intellectual Property Rights: U.S. Trade Representative Investigations of Foreign Country Practices (GAO/GGD-94-168FS) (July 7, 1994).


  • Judiciary Automation Fund: Reauthorization Should Be Linked to Better Planning and Reporting (GAO/T-GGD/AIMD-94-176) (June 30, 1994).
  • Smart Highways: Challenges Facing DOT's Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems Program (GAO/T-RCED-94-253) (June 29, 1994).
  • Export Controls: License Screening and Compliance Procedures Need Strengthening (GAO/NSIAD-94-178) (June 14, 1994).


  • Health Care: Benefits and Barriers to Automated Medical Records (T-AIMD-94-117) (May 6, 1994).
  • Governmentwide Initiatives: Critical Issues Facing the Next Federal Telecommunications System (GAO/T-AIMD-94-114) (May 3, 1994).
  • Executive Guide: Improving Mission Performance through Strategic Information Management and Technology (GAO/AIMD-94-115) (May 1, 1994).


  • Information Technology: Title 6-NAD Electronic Signature (AIMD-94-102R) (Apr. 25, 1994).
  • Government Printing: Legal and Regulatory Framework is Outdated for New Technological Environment: Report to Congressional Committees (GAO/NSIAD-94-157) (Apr. 15, 1994).
  • Air Traffic Control: Status of FAA's Modernization Program (RCED-94-167FS) (Apr. 15, 1994).
  • Technology Transfer: Improving the Use of Cooperative R&D Agreements at DOE's Contractor-Operated Laboratories (GAO/RCED-94-91) (Apr. 15, 1994).
  • Advanced Automation System: Implications of Problems and Recent Changes (GAO/T-RCED-94-188) (Apr. 13, 1994).
  • Defense Management: Stronger Support Needed for Corporate Information Management Initiative to Succeed (GAO/AIMD/NSIAD-94-101) (Apr. 12, 1994).


  • Information Management: Need for a Chief Information Officer for the General Services Administration (GAO/T-AIMD-94-98) (Mar. 24, 1994).
  • Acquisition Reform: Role of Test and Evaluation in System Acquisition Should Not Be Weakened (GAO/T-NSIAD-94-124) (Mar. 22, 1994).
  • Tactical Intelligence: Army Needs to Reconsider and Test All-Source Analysis System Alternative (GAO/NSIAD-94-49) (Mar. 7, 1994).


  • Intelligence Programs: Inquiry Into Contracting Practices for a Classified Program (GAO/NSIAD-94-109) (Feb. 28, 1994).
  • Military Satellite Communications: DOD Needs to Review Requirements and Strengthen Leasing Practices (GAO/NSIAD-94-48) (Feb. 24, 1994).
  • Electronic Identification (GAO/AIMD-94-69R) (Feb. 15, 1994).
  • Auditing and Financial Management: Electronic Signature Prototype System (AIMD-94-70R) (Feb. 8, 1994).
  • Battlefield Automation: Premature Acquisition of the Army's Combat Service Support Control System (GAO/NSIAD-94-51) (Feb. 4, 1994).


  • mproving Government: Actions Needed to Sustain and Enhance Management Reforms (GAO/T-OCG-94-1) (Jan. 27, 1994).
  • Defense IRM: Management Commitment Needed to Achieve Defense Data Administration Goals (GAO/AIMD-94-14) (Jan. 21, 1994).
  • Advanced Technology: Proposal Review Process and Treatment of Foreign-Owned Businesses (GAO/RCED-94-81) (Jan. 18, 1994).

Other GAO Reports[]

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