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The following are the GAO reports published in 1980 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.



  • Employment: Applicability of Service Contract Act to Service Employees of ADP and High-Technology Companies (Nov. 19, 1980).
  • Information Technology: Computerized Hospital Medical Information Systems Need Further Evaluation To Ensure Benefits From Huge Investments (AFMD-81-3) (Nov. 18, 1980).
  • Increasing Use of Data Telecommunications Calls for Stronger Protection and Improved Economics (LCD-81-1) (Nov. 12, 1980).
  • Government Operations: Review of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Procurements of Automatic Data Processing Equipment (EMD-81-20) (Nov. 7, 1980).



  • Information Technology: The Navy's Computerized Pay System Is Unreliable and Inefficient-What Went Wrong? (FGMSD-80-71) (Sept. 26, 1980).
  • Information Technology: Review of the District of Columbia's Automatic Data Processing Operations (GGD-80-103) (Sept. 9, 1980).
  • IInformation Technology: Use of Automatic Data Processing in the Veterans Administration To Support Medical Care Facilities (Sept. 4, 1980).


  • Weak Financial Controls Make the Community Services Administration Vulnerable to Fraud and Abuse (FGMSD-80-73) (Aug. 22, 1983).


  • Information Technology: Farmers Home Administration's Computer-Based Unified Management Information System (July 24, 1980).


  • Program to Improve Federal Records Management Practices Should Be Funded By Direct Appropriations (LCD-80-68) (June 23, 1980).
  • Conversion: A Costly, Disruptive Process That Must Be Considered When Buying Computers (FGMSD-80-35) (June 3, 1980).


  • Information Technology: Procurement of ADP Equipment and Services by Veterans Administration (May 29, 1980).
  • GAO Findings on Federal Internal Audit - A Summary (FGMSD-88-39) (May 27, 1980).
  • Telecommunications: Does DOD Need a Dedicated System of High Altitude Satellites To Meet Its Strategic Communications Requirements for the Next Decade? (LCD-80-59) (May 9, 1980).


  • Government Operations: Central Agencies' Compliance With OMB Circular A-71, Transmittal Memorandum No. 1 (LCD-80-56-I) (Apr. 30, 1980).
  • Retirement Security: Wider Use of Better Computer Software Technology Can Improve Management Control and Reduce Costs (FGMSD-80-38) (Apr. 29, 1980).
  • Information Technology: Incorporation of Contract Clause Into Proposed FPR Temporary Regulation (B-197574) (Apr. 22, 1980).


  • Telecommunications: Improving Social Security Administration Procedures for Acquiring ADP and Telecommunications Resources (Mar. 31, 1980).
  • Program to Follow Up Federal Paperwork Commission Recommendation Is In Trouble (GGD-80-36) (Mar. 14, 1980).
  • Department of Agriculture: Actions Needed to Enhance Paperwork Management and Reduce Burden (GGD-80-14) (Mar. 10, 1980).
  • Auditing and Financial Management: Accurate Information-Government Managers Cannot Do Without It ( (Mar 3, 1980).


  • Information Technology: Farmers Home Administration's ADP Development Project-Current Status and Unresolved Problems (CED-80-67) (Feb. 19, 1980).
  • Information Technology: Review of Selected Computer System Procurements (FGMSD-80-34) (Feb. 15, 1980).


Other GAO Reports[]

The following entries list GAO Reports in chronological order by year: