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The following are the GAO reports published in 1979 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.




  • Information Security: Continuing Problems in DOD's Classification of National Security Information (LCD-80-16) (Oct. 26, 1979).
  • An Informed Public Assures That Federal Agencies Will Better Comply With Freedom of Information/Privacy Laws (LCD-80-8) (Oct. 24, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Supplemental Security Income Computerized System Development Process (HRD-80-5) (Oct. 16, 1979).
  • Retirement Security: Social Security Should Obtain and Use State Data to Verify Benefits For All Its Programs (HRD-80-4) (Oct. 16, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Duplication in the Navy's Management Information Systems Is Costly (LCD-79-113) (Oct. 15, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Review of HEW Guidelines for Acquiring Automatic Data Processing Systems Under the Social Security Act (HRD-79-126) (Oct. 2, 1979).


  • Protecting The Public From Unnecessary Federal Paperwork: Does The Control Process Work (GGD-79-70) (Sept. 24, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Questions Designed To Aid Managers and Auditors in Assessing the ADP Planning Process (Sept. 9, 1979).
  • Information Technology: The FBI Operates Two Computerized Criminal History Information Systems (GGD-79-81) (Sept. 7, 1979).
  • Improvements Needed in the Tennessee Valley Authority's Management and Use of Its Automatic Data Processinq Resources (EMD-79-102) (Sept. 6, 1979).
  • Information Security: Followup on Computer Security at the Social Security Administration (HRD-79-114) (Sept. 4, 1979).


  • Information Technology: Acquisition of Automatic Data Processing Equipment at Federal Judicial Center (B-193861) (Aug. 24, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Problems Associated With Developing Large, Complex Data Processing Systems (FGMSD-79-49) (Aug. 16, 1979).
  • Flaws in Controls Over the Supplemental Security Income Computerized System Causes Millions in Erroneous Payments (HRD-79-104) (Aug. 9, 1979).
  • Better Information Management Policies Needed: A Study of Scientific and Technical Bibliographic Services (PSAD-79-62) (Aug. 6, 1979).
  • Computer Assisted Information Retrieval Services: Data Files Available Through the GAO Library System (Aug. 1, 1979).


  • Telecommunications: Organizing the Federal Communications Commission for Greater Management and Regulatory Effectiveness (CED-79-107) (July 30, 1979).
  • Information Technology: Immigration and Naturalization Service Proposed Procurement of Automated Data Processing Equipment To Streamline and Update Office Procedures (July 23, 1979).



  • Information Technology: Veterans Administration's Plans To Noncompetitively Upgrade Its Austin, Texas, Data Processing Center (FGMSD-79-27) (May 23, 1979).
  • National Defense: An Unclassified Version of a Classified Report Entitled 'The Navy's Strategic Communications Systems-Need for Management Attention and Decisionmaking' (PSAD-79-48A) (May 2, 1979).


  • National Defense: Problems Associated With the Worldwide Military Command and Control System (Apr. 23, 1979).


  • Information Technology: DOD Automated Systems Security Programs (LCD-79-109) (Mar. 21, 1979).
  • Telecommunications: Defense Satellite Communications System (LCD-79-103) (Mar. 12, 1979).
  • Information Security: Improved Executive Branch Oversight Needed for the Government's National Security Information Classification Program (LCD-78-125) (Mar. 9, 1979).


  • Information Security: Privacy Protection and Technology (GAO-095385) (Feb. 13, 1979).
  • Auditing and Financial Management: Changing World of the Computer and Implications of ADP for GAO (Feb. 13, 1979).
  • Telecommunications: GAO's Need for an Interim Management Data System (MDS) (B-161744) (Feb. 5, 1979).


Other GAO Reports[]

The following entries list GAO Reports in chronological order by year: