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The following are the GAO reports published in 1977 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.




  • Maritime Administration's Satellite Communications Program: Is It Still Needed? (LCD-77-107) (Oct. 27, 1977).
  • Information Technology: GAO's Views on the Military's Financial Management ADP Systems (Oct. 18, 1977).



  • Information Technology: Proposed Regulation Prescribing New "Fixed-Price Options" Provisions for Use in Automatic Data Processing Systems Procurement (B-186313,B-188658) (Aug. 24, 1977).
  • Tax Policy and Administration: Review of Several Aspects of the Internal Revenue Service's Proposed Computerized Tax Administration System (GGD-77-73) (Aug. 18, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Planning Procedures for Computer Resources in the Department of the Interior (FGMSD-77-68) (Aug. 9, 1977).


  • Information Technology: S. 1490, a Bill To Authorize the Administrator of General Services To Enter Into Multiyear Leases Through Use of the Automatic Data Processing Fund Without Obligating the Total Anticipated Payments To Be Made Under Such Leases (FGMSD-77-48) (July 13, 1977).
  • Automated Systems: The Auditor's Role (July 13, 1977).
  • IRS' Security Program Requires Improvements to Protect Confidentiality of Income Tax Information (GGD-77-44) (July 11, 1977).


  • Government Operations: GAO and Federal Government ADP Procurement (June 8, 1977).
  • Government Operations: Computer Operations and Data Processing Activities at the Social Security Administration (HRD-77-97) (June 3, 1977).


  • Government Operations: Capitalization and Use of the Automatic Data Processing Fund That Is Administered by the General Services Administration (B-115369) (May 6, 1977).


  • Use of Microfilm for Record Keeping Purposes (B-100489) (Apr. 1, 1977).


  • Telecommunications: Vulnerabilities of Telecommunications Systems to Unauthorized Use (LCD-77-102) (Mar. 31, 1977).
  • Information Technology: USDA Proposal for Handling Conversions in ADPE Procurements (Mar. 25, 1977).
  • Information Technology: GAO's Views on the Military's Financial Management ADP Systems (Mar. 16, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Problems Found With Government Acquisition and Use of Computers From November 1965 to December 1976 (FGMSD-77-14) (Mar. 15, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Computer Center Activities, Sergeant at Arms, U.S. Senate (FGMSD-77-16) (Mar. 11, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Guide for Evaluating Automated Systems (Mar. 1, 1977).


  • Information Technology: Improved Management Needed for Automated Information-Handling Activities of Contract Administration (LCD-75-115) (Feb. 17, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Automatic Data Processing Equipment May Not Be Procured on Sole-Source Basis (B-186501) (Feb. 2, 1977).


  • Safeguarding Taxpayer Information: An Evaluation of the Proposed Computerized Tax Administration System (LCD-76-115) (Jan. 17, 1977).
  • Earth Resources Information Satellite System Act (Jan. 3, 1977).
  • Information Technology: Specifications for Automated Data Processing Equipment Are Unduly Restrictive (B-186855) (Jan. 3, 1977).

Other GAO Reports[]

The following entries list GAO Reports in chronological order by year: