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An export control document is

[a] license; application for license; any and all documents submitted in accordance with the requirements of the EAR in support of, or in relation to, a license application; application for International Import Certificate; Delivery Verification Certificate or similar evidence of delivery; Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) or Automated Export System (AES) record presented in connection with shipments to any country; a Dock Receipt or bill of lading issued by any carrier in connection with any export subject to the EAR and any and all documents prepared and submitted by exporters and agents pursuant to the export clearance requirements of part 758 of the EAR; a U.S. exporter’s report of request received for information, certification, or other action indicating a restrictive trade practice or boycott imposed by a foreign country against a country friendly to the United States, submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce in accordance with the provisions of part 760 of the EAR; Customs Form 7512, Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods, Subject to Customs Inspection and Permit, when used for Transportation and Exportation (T.& E.) or Immediate Exportation (I.E.); and any other document issued by a U.S. Government agency as evidence of the existence of a license for the purpose of loading onto an exporting carrier or otherwise facilitating or effecting an export from the United States or any reexport of any item requiring a license."[1]


  1. U.S. Export Administration Regulations, Part 772 (15 C.F.R. §772.1).

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