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The White House, Executive Order 13286, Amendment of Executive Orders, and Other Actions, in Connection With the Transfer of Certain Functions to the Secretary of Homeland Security (Feb. 28, 2003) (full-text).


Executive Order 13231 was amended in its entirety by this Executive Order. Although this Executive Order maintained the same national policy statement regarding the protection against disruption of information systems for critical infrastructures, it dissolved the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board that was to coordinate cyber-related federal efforts and programs associated with protecting U.S. critical infrastructures, and the board's chair — the Special Advisor to the President for Cyberspace Security — and related staff, along with the ten standing committees established to support the board's work on a wide range of critical information infrastructure efforts.

It designates the Secretary of Homeland Security the Executive Agent of the National Communication System Committee of Principals, which are the agencies, designated by the President, that own or lease telecommunication assets identified as part of the National Communication System, or which bear policy, regulatory, or enforcement responsibilities of importance to national security and emergency preparedness telecommunications.

Under the Executive Order, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) is to continue to provide the President with advice on the security of information systems for critical infrastructures supporting other sectors of the economy. However, NIAC will provide its advice through the Secretary of Homeland Security.