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A domain name transfer is the act of designating a new registrar with the authority to add, modify, and delete information about the domain name. The usual process of a domain name transfer is:

  1. The end user verifies that the WHOIS administrator contact information is correct, particularly the email address; obtains the authentication code from the old registrar, and removes any lock that has been placed on the domain name registration.
  2. The end user contacts the new registrar with a request to transfer the domain name to their service, and supplies the authentication code.
  3. The new registrar will contact the old registrar with this information.
  4. The old registrar will contact the end user to confirm the authenticity of this request. The end user may have to take further action with the old registrar, such as returning to the online management tools, to re-iterate their desire to proceed, in order to expedite the transfer.
  5. The old registrar will release authority to the new registrar.
  6. The new registrar will notify the end user of transfer completion.
  7. The new registrar may have automatically copied over the domain server information, and everything may automatically continue to work as before. Otherwise, the domain server information will need to be updated with the new registrar.

After this process, the new registrar becomes the designated registrar and all correspondence shall be done with them. The process takes about five days. In some cases, the old registrar may intentionally delay the transfer as long as allowable. After transfer, the domain cannot be transferred again for 60 days, except back to the previous registrar.

It is unwise to attempt to transfer a domain immediately before it expires. Because a transfer can in some cases take up to 14 days, the transfer may not complete before the registration expires, resulting in loss of the domain name registration and failure of the transfer. To avoid this, either transfer well before the expiration date, or renew the registration before attempting the transfer.

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