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Government Accountability Office, Cyberspace Policy: Executive Branch Is Making Progress Implementing 2009 Policy Review Recommendations, but Sustained Leadership Is Needed (GAO-11-24) (Oct. 6, 2010) (full-text).


This report indicated that of the 24 near- and mid-term recommendations made by the Cyberspace Policy Review to improve the current U.S. approach to cybersecurity, only two had been implemented and 22 were partially implemented. Officials from key agencies involved in these efforts (e.g., DHS, the Department of Defense, and the Office of Management and Budget) stated that progress had been slower than expected because agencies lacked assigned roles and responsibilities and because several of the mid-term recommendations would require action over multiple years.

The GAO recommended that the national Cybersecurity Coordinator designate roles and responsibilities for each recommendation and develop milestones and plans, including measures, to show agencies’ progress and performance.