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Government Accountability Office, Cyberspace: United States Faces Challenges in Addressing Global Cybersecurity and Governance (GAO-10-606) (July 2, 2010) (full-text).


Based on a GAO review, the U.S. government faces a number of challenges in formulating and implementing a coherent approach to global aspects of cyberspace, including, among other things, providing top-level leadership, developing a comprehensive strategy, and ensuring cyberspace-related technical standards and policies do not pose unnecessary barriers to U.S. trade.

Specifically, the GAO determined that the national Cybersecurity Coordinator’s authority and capacity to effectively coordinate and forge a coherent national approach to cybersecurity were still under development. In addition, the U.S. government had not documented a clear vision of how the international efforts of federal entities, taken together, support overarching national goals.

Further, the GAO learned that some countries had attempted to mandate compliance with their indigenously developed cybersecurity standards in a manner that risked discriminating against U.S. companies. The GAO recommended that, among other things, the Cybersecurity Coordinator develop with other relevant entities a comprehensive U.S. global cyberspace strategy that, among other things, addresses technical standards and policies while taking into consideration U.S. trade.