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The Cyber Security Coordination Task Group (CSCTG) was established in March 2009 and was lead by NIST. The CSCTG now numbers more than 475 participants from the private sector (including vendors and service providers), manufacturers, various standards organizations, academia, regulatory organizations, and federal agencies.

This group was renamed under the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) as the Cyber Security Working Group (SGIP-CSWG) in January 2010.


The tasks within the cyber security strategy for the Smart Grid are being performed by participants in the CSCTG. In addition, the CSCTG is coordinating activities with the Advanced Security Acceleration Project – Smart Grid.

Following are the tasks that are being performed by the CSCTG in the implementation of the cyber security strategy. Also included are the deliverables for each task. Because of the timeframe for developing the document, the tasks listed below will be performed in parallel, with significant interactions among the groups addressing the tasks.


One of the working groups of the CSCTG addresses privacy. This working group consists of representatives from industry and information security and privacy experts and focuses on the privacy issues of the Smart Grid.