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Criminal justice information includes any or all of the following:

a) Identification record—information describing an individual that does not suggest he has committed a crime—e.g., voiceprints, photographs, fingerprints.
b) Arrest record—information concerning the arrest and charging of an individual who has been accused of a criminal offense. Arrest record information does not include any reference to disposition of charge(s).
c) Criminal record—when disposition information is added to an arrest record, it becomes a “criminal record” (sometimes called a conviction record).
d) Disposition—a record entry or entries disclosing 1) that a decision has been made not to bring criminal charges against the subject of the record, or 2) that criminal proceedings have been concluded, abandoned, or indefinitely postponed. If an individual is convicted and sentenced, the related disposition information includes the nature of the sentence and subsequent events—e.g., release from correctional supervision, the outcome of appellate review, and/or executive clemency action.[1]