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== Definition ==
== Definition ==
'''Criminal justice information''' is
'''Criminal justice information''' includes any or all of the following:
{{Quote|the abstract term used to refer to all of the [[FBI]] [[CJIS]] provided [[data]] necessary for law enforcement agencies to perform their mission and enforce the laws, including but not limited to: [[biometric]], [[identity]] history, person, organization, property (when accompanied by any [[personally identifiable information]]), and [[case history|case]]/[[incident history]] [[data]]. In addition, [[CJI]] refers to the [[FBI]] [[CJIS]]-provided [[data]] necessary for civil agencies to perform their mission; including, but not limited to [[data]] used to make hiring decisions. The following type of [[data]] are exempt from the protection levels required for [[CJI]]: transaction control type numbers (e.g. ORI, NIC, FNU, etc.) when not accompanied by [[information]] that reveals [[CJI]] or [[PII]].<ref>[[Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy]], Glossary, at A-4.</ref>}}
== Overview ==
Criminal justice information includes any or all of the following:

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