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Conversion is "the creation of a template from the observed data."[1]

Computer technology[]

Conversion is the process of making changes to a database or software, generally changes which will allow the database or software to work on different computers or operating systems.


Conversion is

the process of changing records from one medium to another or from one format to another.[2]


Conversion is

[m]odification of existing software to enable it to operate with similar functional capability in a different environment; for example, converting a program from FORTRAN to Ada or converting a program that runs on one computer to run on another.[3]

Tort law[]

To state a claim for conversion, a plaintiff must establish:

  1. the plaintiff's ownership or right to possession of certain property;
  2. the defendant's conversion of the property by a wrongful act or disposition of property rights; and
  3. damages.[4]


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