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Computer security (COMPUSEC) (also called automatic data processing security) is

the protection resulting from all measures to deny unauthorized access and exploitation of friendly computer systems.[1]
[t]he protection of information assets through the use of technology, processes, and training.[2]
[t]he application of hardware, firmware, and software security features to a computer system in order to protect against, or prevent, the unauthorised disclosure, manipulation, modification, or deletion of information, or denial of service.[3]
[t]he protection of automatic data processing assets from harm. This includes the protection of data, hardware, firmware, and software.[4]


"Computer security is a set of policies, procedures, and practices which are designed to assure that

- unauthorized uses of data processing resources (i.e., hardware, software and data) are prevented or at least significantly inhibited and
- authorized uses of these resources are carried out as reliably, accurately, and with as little interruption and loss as possible."[5]


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