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The following are the CRS reports published in 2002 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.

[NOTE: CRS Reports are often updated; many are updated multiple times. The links below are to the most recent version of the Report.]


  • Copyright Law: Digital Rights Management Legislation in the 107th Congress (CRS Report RS21362) (Dec. 23, 2002).
  • Copyright Law: Statutory Royalty Rates for Webcasters (CRS Report RL31626) (Dec. 10, 2002).


  • Wireless Privacy: Availability of Location Information for Telemarketing (CRS Report RL31636) (Nov. 8, 2002).
  • Computer Software and Open Source Issues: A Primer (CRS Report RL31627) (Nov. 5, 2002).


  • Electronic Commerce: An Introduction (CRS Report RS20426) (Oct. 24, 2002).
  • Internet Gambling: A Sketch of Legislative Proposals in the 107th Congress (CRS Report RS21275) (Oct. 8, 2002).
  • Internet: Status of Legislative Attempts to Protect Children from Unsuitable Material on the Web (CRS Report RS21328) (Oct. 3, 2002).


  • Terrorism: Internet Privacy; Law Enforcement Monitoring of E-mail and Web Usage (CRS Report BT1065) (Sept. 19, 2002).
  • Cyberwarfare (CRS Report) (CRS Report BT-1017) (Sept. 10, 2002).
  • Cyberterrorism (CRS Report) (CRS Report BT-1028) (Sept. 10, 2002).
  • Copyright Law: Statutory Royalty Rates for Webcasters (CRS Report RS21200 (Sept. 5, 2002).


  • Critical Infrastructures: What Makes an Infrastructure Critical? (CRS Report RL31556) (Aug. 30, 2002).
  • Homeland Security-Reducing the Vulnerability of Public and Private Information Infrastructures to Terrorism: An Overview (CRS Report RL31542) (Aug. 22, 2002).
  • The EU-U.S. "Safe Harbor" Agreement on Personal Data Privacy (CRS Report RS20823) (Aug. 6, 2002).


  • Child Pornography Produced Without an Actual Child: Constitutionality of 107th Congress Legislation (CRS Report RL31499) (July 15, 2002).
  • Electronic Congress: Proposals and Issues (CRS Report RS21140) (July 2, 2002).
  • Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO): Opportunities and Challenges (CRS Report RL30914) (July 2, 2002).


  • E-Commerce and Personal Jurisdiction: Are Participating Businesses Subject to Suit in Foreign Courts? (CRS Report RS21248) (June 25, 2002).


  • Privacy Protection for Online Information (CRS Report RS21221) (May 21, 2002).
  • Fair Use on the Internet (CRS Report RL31423) (May 21, 2002).
  • Internet Privacy: Overview and Pending Legislation (CRS Report RL31408) (May 21, 2002).
  • Broadband Internet Regulation and Access: Background and Issues (CRS Report IB 10045) (May 9, 2002).
  • Internet Privacy: Overview and Pending Legislation (CRS Report RL31408) (May 3, 2002).
  • Broadband Digital Access and the Digital Divide: Federal Assistance Programs (CRS Report RL30719) (May 2, 2002).



  • Instant Messaging on the Internet: Interoperability Issues of Competition and Fair Access (CRS Report RS20688) (Mar. 28, 2002).
  • Copyright Term Extension: Elder v. Ashcroft (CRS Report RS21179) (Mar. 25, 2002).
  • Internet Banking: Changing Expectations and Regulations (CRS Report RL31327) (Mar. 12, 2002).
  • The Internet and the USA PATRIOT Act: Potential Implications for Electronic Privacy, Security, Commerce and Government (CRS Report RL31289) (Mar. 4, 2002).


  • Internet Voting: Issues and Legislation (CRS Report RS20639) (Feb. 22, 2002).
  • The Internet and the USA PATRIOT Act: Implications for Electronic Privacy, Security, Commerce, and Government (CRS Report RL31289) (Feb. 14, 2002).


  • Copyright Exemptions for Distance Education: S. 487, the "Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2001 (CRS Report RS21132) (Jan. 31, 2002).
  • Anticircumvention under Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Universal Studios v. Corley (CRS Report RL31257) (Jan. 23, 2002).
  • Internet Commerce and State Sales and Use Taxes (CRS Report RL31252) (Jan. 18, 2002).
  • Commercial Remote Sensing by Satellite: Status and Issues (CRS Report RL31218) (Jan. 8, 2002).

Other CRS Reports[]

The following entries list other CRS Reports by year: