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The following are the CRS reports published in 2001 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.

[NOTE: CRS Reports are often updated; many are updated multiple times. The links below are to the most recent version of the Report.]




  • Internet Voting (CRS Report BE3004) (Oct. 30, 2001).
  • Internet Tax Bills in the 107th Congress-A Brief Comparison (CRS Report RS20980) (Oct. 3, 2001).


  • The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: An Overview of the Statutory Framework for Electronic Surveillance (CRS Report RL30465) (Sept. 18, 2001).
  • Electronic Government: A Conceptual Overview (CRS Report RL30745) (Sept. 10, 2001).


  • Electronic Government: Major Proposals and Initiatives (CRS Report RL31088) (Aug. 16, 2001).
  • Wireless Technology and Spectrum Demand-Third Generation (3G) and Beyond (CRS Report RS20993) (Aug. 16, 2001).


  • A Primer on E-Government: Sectors, Stages, Oppurtunities and Challenges of Online Governance (CRS Report RL31057) (July 20, 2001).
  • NY Times Co. v. Tasini: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms "Authorial" Rights in Copyright (CRS Report RS20964) (July 13, 2001).
  • Internet Firearms Sales (CRS Report RS20957) (July 6, 2001).


  • Copyright Issues in Online Music Delivery (CRS Report RL31029) (June 22, 2001).
  • Cyberwarfare: CRS Report (CRS Report RL30735) (June 19, 2001).
  • Spinning the Web: Internet's History and Structure (CRS Report RL30987) (June 1, 2001).



  • Instant Voting on Internet: Interoperability Issues of Competition and Fair Access (CRS Report RS20688) (Apr. 26, 2001).
  • Broadband Internet Access and the Digital Divide: Federal Assistance Programs (CRS Report RL30719) (Apr. 18, 2001).
  • "Junk Email": An Overview of Issues and Legislation Concerning Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail ("Spam") (CRS Report RS20037) (Apr. 18, 2001).


  • Internet Privacy: Protecting Personal Information Overview and Pending Legislation (CRS Report RS20035) (Mar. 20, 2001).


  • Telework in the Federal Government: Background, Policy and Oversight (CRS Report RL30863) (Feb. 26, 2001).
  • Electronic Commerce: An Introduction (CRS Report RS20426) (Feb. 22, 2001).
  • The EU-US "Safe Harbor" Agreement on Personal Data Privacy (CRS Report RS20823) (Feb. 21, 2001).
  • Copyright Cases in the Courts: Napster, MP3 Digital Music, and DVD Motion Picture Encryption Technology (CRS Report RL30683) (Feb. 16, 2001).
  • Internet Domain Names: Background and Policy Issues (CRS Report 97-868 STM) (Feb. 9, 2001).
  • Electronic Government: A Conceptual Overview (CRS Report RL30745) (Feb. 7, 2001).


  • Internet: An Overview of Key Technology Policy Issues Affecting its Use and Growth (CRS Report 98-67 STM) (Jan. 31, 2001).
  • Digital Surveillance: The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act and FBI Internet Monitoring (CRS Report RL30677) (Jan. 25, 2001).
  • Encryption Technology: The Debate in the 105th and 106th Congresses (CRS Report RL30836) (Jan. 22, 2001).
  • Electronic Signatures: Technology Developments and Legislative Issues (CRS Report RS20344) (Jan. 19, 2001).
  • Internet Commerce and State Sales and Use Taxes (CRS Report RL31252) (January 18, 2001).
  • Third Generation ("3G") Mobile Wireless Technologies and Services (CRS Report RS20664) (Jan. 17, 2001).
  • Internet Voting: Issues and Legislation (CRS Report RS20639) (Jan. 16, 2001).
  • Online Privacy Protection: Issues and Developments (CRS Report RL30322) (Jan. 11, 2001).
  • Internet Gambling: A Sketch of Legislative Proposals in the 106th Congress (CRS Report RS20485) (Jan. 11, 2001).
  • Internet Tax Legislation: Distinguishing Issues (CRS Report RL30667) (Jan. 11, 2001).
  • State Sales Taxation of Internet Transactions (CRS Report RS20577) (Jan. 10, 2001).
  • Information Technology and Elementary and Secondary Education: Current Status and Federal Support (CRS Report 96-178 EPW) (Jan. 8, 2001).
  • E-Rate for Schools: Background on Telecommunications Discounts through the Universal Service Fund (CRS Report 98-604 EPW) (Jan. 4, 2001).
  • The "Work Made for Hire and Copyright Corrections Act of 2000" (CRS Report RS20763) (Jan. 2, 2001).

Other CRS Reports[]

The following entries list other CRS Reports by year: