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The following are the CRS Reports published in 1994 that are discussed in this wiki (in reverse chronological order). Those Reports that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.

[NOTE: CRS Reports are often updated; many are updated multiple times. The links below are to the most recent version of the Report.]


  • The Information Superhighway: Status and Congressional Issues (CRS Report 95-53 SPR) (Dec. 29, 1994).
  • Flat Panel Display (FPD) Technology: An Introduction to the Issues (CRS Report 95-10) (Dec. 19, 1994).
  • The Information Superhighway: Status and Issues (CRS Report 94-954 SPR) (Dec. 2, 1994).


  • The Computer Industry, GATT, and the Uruguay Round (CRS Report 94-949) (Nov. 30, 1994).
  • Telecommunications: Pioneer's Preference and Broadband PCS (CRS Report 94-873) (Nov. 10, 1994).
  • How Will the Uruguay Round of GATT Affect the U.S. Computer Industry? (CRS Report 94-840) (Nov. 3, 1994).



  • Health Care Reform and the National Information Infrastructure (CRS Report 94-770) (Sept. 21, 1994).


  • Intellectual Property Rights and The Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Talks: Economic Effects (CRS Report 94-722E) (Aug. 30, 1994).
  • Telecommunications Services: Provisions in the Uruguay Round and in NAFTA (CRS Report 94-653) (Aug. 11, 1994).
  • Copyright Restoration for Public Domain Works (CRS Report 94-645) (Aug. 4, 1994).



  • The American Telephone & Telegraph Company Divestiture: Background, Provisions, and Restructuring (CRS Report 94-510) (June 20, 1994).
  • Copyright Law: A Work of Parody as a "Fair Use" (CRS Report 94-500A) (June 16, 1994).
  • The Bayh-Dole Act: Patent Policy and the Commercialization of Technology (CRS Report 94-501 SPR) (June 14, 1994).
  • The Information Superhighway: An Annotated Glossary (CRS Report 94-468) (June 2, 1994).



  • The Clipper Chip Encryption System (CRS Report 94-298) (Apr. 6, 1994).


  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology: An Overview (CRS Report 94-254) (Mar. 17, 1994).


  • The Information Superhighway and the National Information Infrastructure (NII) (CRS Report 94-112 SPR) (Feb. 17, 1994).
  • GPS: Satellite Navigation and Positioning and the DOD's Navstar Global Positioning System (CRS Report 94-171 SPR) (Feb. 15, 1994).


  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Under the NAFTA (CRS Report 94-72A) (Jan. 25, 1994).
  • Intellectual Property Provisions of the NAFTA (CRS Report 94-59A) (Jan. 21, 1994).

Other CRS Reports[]

The following entries list other CRS Reports by year: