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Building to Grid (B2G) is

[o]ne of the six DOE GridWise Architecture Council and NIST defined Smart Grid domains that focus on managing energy, control of a facility's load factor, integrating onsite generation, selling excess power to the grid, coordinating power storage, providing grid regulation, PHEV integration, and real-time meter consumption.[1]


This group represents the interests and needs of building consumers. It envisions conditions that enable commercial buildings to participate in energy markets and perform effective energy conservation and management. This group is responsible for identifying interoperability issues relevant to the building customer and providing direction on how to address those issues. The B2G DEWG has examined use cases for weather data exchange and proposed an approach for standard weather data exchange, and has participated in the formation and further development of the concept of the Energy Services Interface (ESI) and definition of the customer interface. The group has also explored energy management beyond electricity (e.g., combined heat and power [CHP], district energy, thermal storage, etc.).