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(Noun) An archive is a computer database used for long-term information storage for disaster recovery or other purposes. Most archive formats are also capable of storing folders in order to reconstruct the file/folder relationship when decompressed. Items commonly archived include but are not limited to, magnetic media copies of operating system software, application software, and data and hard copies of system records such as console logs, data listings, and software and firmware listings. Electronic archives preserve the content, prevent or track alterations, and control access to electronic records.

(Verb) To archive means to compress one or more files and folders into a single file for backup or transport.


Archive means

Noun. "The location where archived keys are stored.[1]

Verb. "To place an electronic cryptographic key into a long-term electronic storage medium which will be maintained even if the storage technology changes.[2]


Archives are

facilities where records of an organization are preserved because of their continuing value.[3]
[o]ne or more buildings, or portions thereof, where permanent records are located after being accessioned by an archival agency. Also called archival depository or archival repository. [4]
[t]he organization or agency responsible for appraising, accessioning, preserving, and making available permanent records. Also called archival agency. In the U.S. Government, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).[5]
[t]he noncurrent records of an organization preserved because of their continuing, or enduring, value.[6]



[m]ay refer to topics from an online discussion that has been closed but saved for later reference. On blogs, archives are collections of earlier items usually organized by week or month. You may still be able to comment on archived items."[7]


"National Archives of the United States" means those records that have been determined by the Archivist of the United States to have sufficient historical or other value to warrant their continued preservation by the Federal Government and that have been transferred to the Archivist's legal custody."[8]


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