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Application software (also application program) is

programs that permit a user to perform some particular task such as word processing, database management, or spreadsheet calculations, or that permits a user to play video games.[1]
[c]omputer programs which directly automate the functions or problems of end users (laypersons). Applications programs automate both business applications such as payroll and scientific applications such as statistical calculations.[2]
[s]oftware program that performs a specific function directly for a user and can be executed without access to system control, monitoring or administrative privileges. Examples include office automation, electronic mail, web services, and major functional or mission software programs.[3]

Application software

provides capabilities for performing specific data processing functions such as payroll, inventory control, accounting and statistical work, and any other data processing activity to which the computer is applied.[4]

An application program "is generally any computer program which is not a systems program."[5]