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The Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC), collocated with Air Intelligence Agency, was activated in 1993 as the single Air Force focal point for IW activities. The center was established to ensure combatant commanders have the IW capabilities needed to accomplish all offensive and defensive counterinformation missions. It is dedicated to offensive and defensive counterinformation and information operations. Members are dedicated to providing improved C2W/IW capabilities to the warfighting U.S. Air Force major commands.

The AFIWC creates an information warfare advantage by exploring, developing, applying, and transitioning counterinformation technology, strategy, tactics, and data to control the information battlespace.

The mission of AFIWC is to explore, apply and migrate offensive and defensive information warfare capabilities for operations, acquisition and testing; and provide advanced IW training for the Air Force. The AFIWC provides IW services to the warfighter in contingencies and exercises through quantitative analysis, modeling and simulation, database and technical expertise in communication and computer security. The AFIWC is divided into eight directorates:

  1. Advanced programs
  2. Communications-computer systems
  3. C2W information
  4. Engineering analysis
  5. Mission support
  6. Systems analysis
  7. Operations support
  8. Information Warfare Battlelab.