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An agent is

a person who is authorized to act on behalf of another (the "principal") to create a legal relationship with a third party.

Computer systems[]

In the client-server model, the agent is

the part of the system that performs information preparation and exchange on behalf of a client or server application.[1]


An agent is

[a] program used in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that sends malicious traffic to hosts based on the instructions of a handler."[2]


An agent is

a person who is authorized act on behalf of a principal and to enter into contracts to which the principal will be bound.


An agent is

one who is authorized or instructed to obtain or to assist in obtaining information for intelligence or counterintelligence purposes.[3]
one who is recruited, trained, controlled and employed to obtain and report information.[4]
a person who engages in clandestine intelligence activities under the direction of an intelligence organization, but is not an officer, employee, or co-opted worker of that organization.[5]


An agent is "[a] person who engages in a clandestine activity."[6]


An agent is "a program acting on behalf of a person or organization."[7]

See also Software agent.

Virtual reality[]

An agent is

a software program that can carry out fairly sophisticated tasks in unknown networked environments without human intervention; in other words a "smart" bot.[8]


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