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Adaptation is the "adjustment of natural or human systems to a new or changing environment."[1]


Adaptation is the conversion of a computer program from one high level language or operating system to another or the right to add features to a computer program.

U.S. copyright law[]

The right to make an adaptation of a copyrighted work generally belongs to the copyright owner. However, in connection with computer programs, 17 U.S.C. §117 provides that:

Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, it is not an infringement for the owner of a copy of a computer program to make or authorize the making of [an] . . . adaptation of that computer program provided:
(1) that such . . . adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine and that it is used in no other manner, or
(2) that such . . . adaptation is for archival purposes only and that all archival copies are destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be rightful.[2]