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'''Access level''' is the
'''Access level''' is the "[h]ierarchical portion of the [[security level]] used to identify the sensitivity of [[IS]] [[data]] and the clearance or authorization of users. Access level, in conjunction with the nonhierarchical categories, forms the [[sensitivity]] label of an object."
{{Quote|[a] category within a given [[security classification]] limiting entry or [[system]] [[connectivity]] to only [[authorized]] persons.<ref>[[CNSSI-4009]], at 1.</ref>}}
== Source ==
National Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Glossary (NSTISSI No. 4009 Sept. 2000).

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Access level is the

[a] category within a given security classification limiting entry or system connectivity to only authorized persons.[1]
  1. CNSSI-4009, at 1.